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A.C. Mosselman BV

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A.C. Mosselman BV is a company its origins deeply rooted in cultivating onion-sets and shallots. A.C. Mosselman BV is an internationally operating onion-sets company, headquartered at Kruiningen in The Netherlands. 

A.C. Mosselman BV, founded in 1945, has remained a family owned company. Now a days, A.C. Mosselman BV has two warehouses; one near the head office at Kruiningen (Zeeland), the other one at Piershil (Hoekse Waard) in the Netherlands.

At present one third of cultivation takes place in the North (IJsselmeerpolders), one third in the middle (Hoekse Waard) and one third in the South (Zeeland) of the Netherlands. One significant advantage of this division is the reduction of risk factors during cultivation.

Offering onion-sets and shallots of very good quality, "Mosselman" has become a well known name in many countries.

A.C. Mosselman BV, continues quality due to more than 50 years experience in cultivating onion-sets!

A.C. Mosselman BV

Stationsweg 12
4416 PJ Kruiningen
The Netherlands

T +31 (0) 113 381531
F +31 (0) 113 382002