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Takii Europe B.V.

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Takii Europe B.V. is the European division of Takii & Company Ltd., Kyoto, Japan. In 170 years, Takii & Company Ltd. has established a global network with Japanese fundament, for breeding, producing and selling a wide assortment flower - and vegetable varieties.

Adapted to actual market demands. In Europe, Takii is with 45 people active in breeding, production, marketing and sales of vegetable - and flower seed.

In Europe, Takii is situated in The Netherlands and France: 
At Takii Europe BV in De Kwakel, all commercial - and logistic activities have been centralized. Further, breeding activities in Northern European vegetable crops (onion, kohlrabi, cabbage and Brussels sprouts) take place in the Netherlands. Moreover, Takii Europe BV is screening flower - and vegetable varieties, released by other Takii's breeding programs for its suitability under European conditions.

Takii France S.A. is located in two different places: In Eyragues, Takii is breeding in tomato, melon and onion for the South European markets. And in Grisolles, Takii is active in seed production and - cleaning.

Takii-Europe B.V.
Hoofdweg 19
1424 PC De Kwakel
Tel: +31 (0)297-345700
Fax: +31 (0)297-345658
Mobile +31 (0) 6-15028205
Email: info@takii.nl 
Internet: http://www.takii.nl/